A good slogan says exactly that what a company stands for. With the new slogan MORE VALUE – FOR LESS!  JAGO AG has adapted a slightly different brand strategy to expand its branding.

For about three years the slogan “JAGO Your Life” has accompanied the German online retailer. It is now time to head in a new direction, says Goran Jakovac, CEO and founder of the company: “We have always placed a focus on sales as part of our marketing strategy. We now want to focus on a successful brand strategy. The JAGO brand is to be strengthened and made even better known internationally.” The new slogan is the first step for an even more successful branding.

New slogan to strengthen the brand

An endline has many functions. It strengthens the image of the brand, making them memorable and reveals their major characteristics at first glance.  It arouses emotions, provides orientation and creates trust. “The new slogan MORE VALUE – FOR LESS! brings the unique selling point of JAGO even better in the foreground. Our very good price-performance ratio is perfectly communicated, “says Goran Jakovac and adds: “The slogan is a message and brand recognition at the same time. If I have the choice to buy a product that is offered by different suppliers, I would opt for the product of the brand that I know.”

From a one-man company to a global online retailer

What started in 2005 as a one-man business selling cat scratching posts, has grown enormously. The company has a number of office locations, warehouses and partner companies around the world. The product range is constantly being expanded, and all signs point to expansion. It is now just the right time for the brand strategy to follow.

The English slogan can be used internationally but will however be translated for the online stores and marketplaces for France, Italy, Spain and Poland in the respective languages. “We thought about how to go about doing so. However, it soon became clear that the slogan cannot be translated into all languages with the same significance”, says Goran Jakovac. Therefore JAGO will also convince its German customers with the international message: MORE VALUE – FOR LESS!