Keeping everything flowing


Formed in August 2014, the Web Content team of eight colleages works in conjunction with the various other departments to curate and improve the online content of all of our sales portals. As the actual creation of text content is mainly the responsibility of the Online Editorial team, the Web Content team focuses on administrative tasks and ensures the legal accuracy and conformity of our online presence.

The Web Content team works to produce and ratify our Data Protection Policy, our brands and logos, and other documents, as well as acquiring certification for our diverse online shops. This means that our Web Content team has to be able to operate accurately in a wide range of languages, and their tasks are essential to the continued successful operations of JAGO AG.

The Web Content team is also responsible for introducing new products to our various domestic and international online sales channels, once said products have been decided upon and created by our other departments. The team also function as an emergency response, working to repair false paths or bugs in our sites as soon as possible whenever a customer or co-worker discovers such an error.