Growing traffic, growing revenue

In Stuttgart, our team of 20 Sales Managers tracks and optimises the performance of our various sales channels on a daily basis, a process consisting of four individual tasks:

Firstly, sales activities must be checked and developed in order to attract high traffic and conversion rates. Then, the costs and profit margins for every product on every sales channel must be evaluated and adjusted as necessary. Our Sales Managers constantly look to improve JAGO AG’s ranking across our various sales channels, analysing the competition and the market in order to take full advantage of developing opportunities and optimise existing strategies.

Expanding the JAGO Shops into diverse countries across Europe was a major milestone for our Sales team. Expansions into France in early 2010, followed by Spain and the United Kingdom in 2011, and then by Finland and Poland in December of that year, are only the start of our growth objectives, and accordingly we are implementing major investments in our B2B and sales departments to ensure that we can meet the increased demands.

At the start of the new year in 2015, a dedicated and expanded Backoffice team is being built within the framework of the Sales department, along with the opening of three further sales channels to the French markets. This increase in staff strength is designed to support JAGO AG during the planned expansions into further sales channels and forecasted B2B growth.