Always on the ball

The Orga department is composed of three members, and is primarily tasked with planning the future development of the company. Alongside top-level organisational management, the Orga team defines and implements middle- to long-term company strategy and objectives.

Developing long-term strategy requires detailed and rigorous analysis. Extensive planning was carried out before the major reorganisation we began in 2014, a reorganisation designed to accomodate the ongoing diversification and international expansion of the JAGO AG concern. These changes are comprehensive in scope, and the next major milestone is a general upgrade of our IT systems to be completed in early 2015.

The aforementioned international expansion is another project being curated by the Orga team. Such a large undertaking requires requires an accurate oversight of the entire process, as well as a precise and smooth dataflow, responsive leadership and a careful recruitment strategy in order to ensure continuing success.