Putting JAGO in the spotlight


The Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Online Marketing team (DACH) was formed in early 2012, and has grown to include eight employees and a work student. Originally responsible for SEO, SEA, and Google Adwords for the German-speaking markets, before adding the newsletter, social media outlets, and A/B testing to their activities. By 2014, the DACH team also took up responsibility for Price Comparison Site listings, Remarketing, Affiliate Marketing and Display Marketing.

In February 2014, the DACH team was responsible for the launch of the OXID Shop System, which greatly improved the performance of the online shop, helping to ensure faster loading times, a higher traffic capacity, and a smoother user experience.

The DACH team, generally speaking, is responsible for buttressing the third-party sales channel revenue with homegrown sales and to improve JAGO brand recognition. The DACH team also handles more traditional marketing channels, such as flyer campaigns, radio commercials, and advertising slots on platforms such as Anixe TV, as well as supporting the other departments on projects such as CRM and ERP.