Challenged every day and successful every day

The ability to quickly and efficiently ship goods to the customer is vital for any e-commerce vendor. Speed and precision are both key elements of a smooth dispatch procedure, and it can be challenge to ensure this in the face of JAGO AG’s continuous expansion. new warehouses and depots must be selected and developed, existing locations must be updated and maintained, and partnerships with third-party couriers must be sourced and developed.

By improving our Pick&Pack timing and other logistical processes, we are working to improve the time between order placement and final delivery for our German customers, with an eventual goal of 24 hours. Achieving this goal would mean that customers who placed an order today would receive it tomorrow. Working towards this objective are 135 skilled employees based in Eschwege, Dassel, Mülheim, Hilden and Gittelde.

On December 15th 2014, our Warehousing and Logistics Team proved their incredible competency by dispatching an impressive total of 31,000 packages over the course of a single working day. This impressive feat was achieved thanks to our highly competent staff and our modernised, state-of-the-art depot network, including top-of-the-range forklifts and picker machinery from Linde.

In 2013 we opened another depot in Eschwege, expanding our logistical floorspace to over 100,000m², and the 2014 addition of two depot centres in Mülheim and Hilden greatly expanded our logistical network, thanks to the depots’ strategic locations in the Ruhr and Lower Saxony. Their promixity to the western European countries and the major international ports of Hamburg, Rotterdam, and Antwerp, have opened up delivery routes to the rest of Europe.