Accuracy and clarity


JAGO AG online content is created by our in-house editorial team, composed of eight members as of January 2015. Based in our Berlin office on the corner of Hackeschen Markt, the Editorial team creates quality content for our online presence, from press releases to product texts, and works with the Online Marketing teams to create an effective SEO strategy as well as customer-optimised texts.

The Technical Editorial team is responsible for the creation and editing of technical documents such as assembly instructions, user manuals, and safety information, as well as attaching the relevant industry standard information, EU conformity declarations, and seals.

Both of these teams are also developing comprehensive SEO guides, in order to improve and streamline the workflow between our Berlin, Stuttgart, and Ningbo offices and produce unified, professional SEO content.

As well as optimising site content and product texts for search engine customers, in order to improve traffic and revenue, the Editorial teams are also responsible for creating, proofreading, and publishing content for all of our EU languages, and work in close combination with the Online Marketing teams to produce quality content such as our newsletter and the JAGO AG (www.jago-ag.de) website.