“Creativity in flux”

The Visual Content Department of JAGO AG was launched in 2009. Siggi Depner, now our Head of Visual Content, was our first graphic designer, and has grown the department into an experienced team of 30 graphic designers and web designers as of the 1st of January, 2015. The Visual Content team creates the entire visual side of the JAGO AG network, from product images to online banners and flyers, ensuring that our online presence is attractive and informative.

This naturally means that the Visual Content team must work in close connection with almost every other department. Before any new product can be introduced to the JAGO AG online shop, it has to pass through the full chain. Marketing, Purchasing, and Category Management staff suggest new product designs, and then our supplier partners create prototypes from the favoured options. Once a new product has been created, the Visual Content team create relevant packaging, user manuals, assembly instructions, and parts lists to complete the package.

Once the physical package has been completed, our designers create quality photographs of the products, as well as relevant advertising banners and images, meaning that across our various sales channels, JAGO AG presents a professional and accurate visual profile for each product.