Caring for our customers


Good customer service and customer care is marked by responsive staff, round-the-clock availability, and a genuine concern for and understanding of the customer’s issues, and it is these principles which guide the Customer Care department of JAGO AG. As a multinational company, this also means that we must be multilingual.

Every person who places an order via a JAGO AG sales channel, whether they are from Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, or the Netherlands, can speak to another native speaker of their mother tongue, resulting in a more pleasant and effective customer care experiencefor all of our customers.

We currently employ 115 Customer Service staff, representing a wide range of nationalities, across five different locations. Customers from Germany and the majority of Europe can speak to our staff in Gittelde, whilst Dutch, Finnish, and Polish customers are connected to our staff in Stuttgart.

As well as talking directly to our customers about their issues or queries, our Customer Care team is responsible for CRM (short for Customer Relationship Management), which helps us to acquire new customers and retain returning clients. This involves ensuring that customers are satisfied, that their issues are resolved, that JAGO AG reconnects with former customers, and that marketing and sales information can be directed towards those who are most likely to have genuine interest, resulting in increase customer satisfaction and improved sales.