Looking after our own

Since July 2012, JAGO AG has had its own dedicated Human Resources department, which currently (as of Jan. 2015) consists of eight full-time staff and a working student. Based primarily at the JAGO AG headquarters in Stuttgart, HR personnel are also present in Gittelde, Ningbo (China) and Casablanca (Morocco) in order to provide all the vital functions and personnel care offered by a modern Human Resources department.

The HR department staff are heavily involved in the recruitment process, from advertising open positions to interviewing and selecting potential new employees, a process which is particularly important at the moment as we look for new German and international colleagues to join our team in line with our international expansion.

As well as overseeing recruitment, the HR department helps to look after the well-being and professional standards of the company, offering support to individual staff members and protecting their personal information and data, as well as assisting them with administrative paperwork and similar housekeeping tasks which help to keep the JAGO teams happy and motivated.