It’s gardening season at JAGO AG

Spring is here, and to celebrate JAGO AG is introducing a broad selection of new garden products. According to the Cologne-based Institut für Handelsforschung (Institute for Market Research), who have recently completed a comprehensive survey on the subject, the garden market currently offers plenty of e-commerce growth potential, which is why we are expanding our range of garden furniture and garden equipment.

The IfH suggests that the market potential of gardening products has not been fully explored, and that currently the majority of customers still prefer going to a brick-and-mortar store. Only 5% of respondents to the IfH survey currently use online shops, in contrast to the 42% who almost exclusively shop at physical stores.

“This is important when you look at the numbers,” explains CEO Goran Jakovac. “In 2013 the total turnover for garden products in Germany exceeded EUR 500 million, and has grown since then.”  This suggests plenty of potential for our own company to expand its garden products sales.

Planning for spring in summer

From garden furniture to strimmers and lawnmowers, garden products across the board see an increase in sales volumes during the warmer months, which is why JAGO AG is constantly expanding upon its catalogue of garden products. This catalogue consists of everything from saws and secateurs to swings and greenhouses, and is set to grow exponentially over the coming months and years.

“To form our future strategy, we need look no further than the numbers. Our sales of broil-master BBQ grills and poly-rattan garden furniture went through the roof during the 2014 World Cup last summer.” clarifies Goran Jakovac. “For us, the gardening season begins in the mid-summer of the previous year, at which time we analyse the sales figures to determine our bestsellers, and look for new products to develop our range. Based on this, we develop the catalogue for our Spring campaign, which typically begins in February. The season in general carries on until the end of August, which is our highest turnover month of the year.”

In spring, the focus tends to lie on gardening tools and equipment as customers look to repair the damage done to their gardens by the long winter months, and this demand soon turns into sales of garden furniture, tents, outdoor toys, and more. “Summer is the holiday period, a time when people want to get outside, be active, and try new things,” says Goran Jakovac. “People will splash out and enjoy their summer!”

Fastest possible delivery with JAGO AG

JAGO AG sends all of its shipments via dedicated couriers. “This lets us offer speedy, cost-free delivery to our customers,” explains Goran Jakovac. “Whether you order a single kettle or a full set of tables and chairs, any order placed before 15:00 CET will leave our warehouse on the same day.” JAGO AG is dedicated to its customers, and has achieved ‘Google Certified Shop’ status. Our shop is also a highly-ranked member of the ‘Trusted Shops’ programme. offers a range of secure payment methods, and has recently started publishing informative product videos as well as offering a 5-Euro voucher for newsletter subscribers. All of this helps our customers to stay informed and makes shopping with us easy and straightforwards.

Aiming for a new turnover record

For JAGO AG, the customer is king, which is why we are constantly investing in improvements to our customer service. As CEO Goran Jakovac says, “Only satisifed customers become repeat customers, and it is only through high levels of customer satisfaction that we will be able to grow and expand our share of the market for products such as garden furniture, garden tools, and outdoor equipment.”

The Netherlands serve as a model for this kind of exponential growth. In 2013, statistics show that online sales of garden products grew by an amazing 29% there.

“It is precisely this kind of improvement that we wish to see in our own range this year. The market potential is there, we have first-class products, and now JAGO AG has the chance to greatly increase yearly turnover. On top of that, we can help our customers to enjoy their summer by offering them fantastic garden products!”