Jago AG

E-Commerce throughout Europe

We from Jago AG are an E-Commerce corporation, which sells its products throughout Europe. Professional teams in the purchasing, sales, marketing and logistics department make sure that we are growing year by year. Our partners benefit from our E-Commerce competence and are growing with us! Jago AG is a strong partner and will open the door to Europe for you!


From Germany to Europe

Due to the position of our logistics departments in the heart of Germany we can ensure short delivery times not only within Germany but throughout Europe. Our three large logistics sites in Gittelde, Göttingen and Hattorf enable us to send our wide range of goods to our customers within 1-3 working days.


Jago AG lives Europe

Our service teams consist not only of German employees but also of many European colleagues, which not only makes our team a mixed bag but also enables us to offer our customers perfect customer service by native speakers.