09Mar 2015

A e-commerce company can only be successful when it focuses on customer satisfaction, and that is why at JAGO AG we believe ´the customer is king´. JAGO AG receives Google certification In order to achieve our ambitious customer service goals,  JAGO AG has invested heavily in staff. Over the past few years, our customer service […]

23Feb 2015

JAGO launches its own product videos At JAGO, we understand that customers want precise information about the products they are ordering. Clear product images and texts are important for any website, but video media offers incomparable detail and so in 2014 JAGO established its own in-house Video Team. The Video Team works with professional equipment […]

23Feb 2015

The JAGO company short is online Perhaps you have already been to our homepage and seen it; the first JAGO short!  If you haven’t seen it already, it is definitely worth a look. Since you as a customer have chosen to shop with us, we feel as though we should introduce ourselves to you properly […]