A new design for the JAGO AG Newsletter

This spring, JAGO is swapping out its familiar green band for a new, revitalised newsletter design. This redesign is a precursor to changes to the online-shop, which will be unveiled in autumn 2015.

“By personalising newsletter content and making it clearer and more user-friendly, we offer improved value to our customers,” explains CEO Goran Jakovac. “Every subscriber receives information about the products that are interesting to them, which is beneficial for everyone involved.”

Driven by customer satisfaction

JAGO AG is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and this can be through the 2.4 million positive customer reviews which stand testament to our high level of customer satisfaction. A well-produced and visually appealing newsletter is a vital part of this process, especially a newsletter which is tailored to its recipient. Our revitalised newsletter means that a customer who is interested in gardening will receive informaton about the newest gardening tools and garden furniture, whilst pet owners will discover great offers on dog baskets and cat scratching posts from the Leopet® range.

Delivering relevant information

In order to deliver our subscribers and customers a newsletter full of relevant and interesting information, we offer new subscribers the chance to pick the themes and areas that interest them most. This means that the JAGO newsletter is not just a generic mailer, but a responsive and useful news format. As Goran Jakovac says,

“Customers only want to read about products and topics they are interested in, which is why our newsletter is designed to offer users the information they want and need.”

Optimised for PC and smartphone

Goran Jakovac goes on to explain why it is that the jago24 newsletter has been optimised for a range of devices. “Some of our customers buy BBQ grills during their lunch breaks, others sit back in the evening with a tablet and browse for new home furniture. Our customers use a huge range of different devices and browsers, and so we want to make sure that no matter how our subscribers are surfing they will be able to view our newsletter in a format optimised for them.”

An extra 5 Euros to spend at Jago24.de

To ensure that our customers benefit by subscribing to the JAGO AG newsletter, we offer all new subscribers a 5-Euro discount code that they can use on their next purchase at jago24.de .

“We want to offer our customers a little welcome-aboard present when they subscribe with us.” explains founder and CEO Goran Jakovac.