JAGO launches its own product videos

At JAGO, we understand that customers want precise information about the products they are ordering. Clear product images and texts are important for any website, but video media offers incomparable detail and so in 2014 JAGO established its own in-house Video Team. The Video Team works with professional equipment to make short, informative product videos, and their first three videos are already available on YouTube in English and German, with plans to produce French versions in the near future.

The advantages of product videos

“Product videos offer customers a clearer picture of our products, and help them to understand how the products work. When I saw our video for the JAGO Chocolate Fountain, I instantly wanted one in my own office!” says the founder of JAGO, Goran Jakovac. Product videos offer a more intuitive and thorough overview of the product than simple 2D imagery, and they can also be used to help customers familiarise themselves with the products, showing them how to assemble a family tent or unfold one of our futons.

Better rankings, increased sales

Whilst the Video Team produces quality short films, our team of SEO-Experts is simultaneously working to improve the Click-through-rate of these videos via keyword optimisation and link-building. As CEO Goran Jakovac explains; “Not only does this improve turnover by increasing traffic to our shops and marketplaces, it also improves the placement and ranking of our products with regards to Google searches. The in-house production of professional product videos therefore kills two birds with one stone.”