JAGO has done it: the 100-million-euro mark has been smashed! In the period between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015 the company generated a turnover of 106 million euros with around 500 employees. “That’s eight zeros after the one! If I’d told someone that in 2005 when I founded JAGO, they’d have thought I was crazy,” beams CEO Goran Jakovac, who sees the positive numbers as an incentive to grow his company further.

We as a company are obviously excited about this gigantic sum. But the most important thing is to now power straight on and not rest on our laurels.” According to the CEO of JAGO AG, it’s essential for every company – and even more so for a larger online mail-order company – to always take the next step and stay active. “Standstill is a step backwards; activity is a step forwards. We live in the here and now; even by tomorrow, nobody’s interested in the past.” In this respect, the international company based in Stuttgart will keep on going by the proven motto “keep the tried and tested; risk the new.”100_Mio

How to ensure success?

JAGO AG’s new objective includes accelerated globalisation. New European markets should be developed quickly and ensure a further increase in turnover sustainably. “Ten years ago, I was still in my basement at home and sold cat scratching posts that I’d designed and screwed together myself on eBay. Without an exact market analysis, discovering innovative products and first-class customer service, we’d never have broken the 100-million mark. Our headquarter is and will remain Germany, but we musn’t neglect the international market,” says Goran Jakovac.

Simultaneously increased sales in ever-more own stores and presence on online platforms such as Amazon or eBay lay in the middle of a change of strategy. Tangible parts of this development are the recently-launched jago24 shops in the UK, France and the Netherlands, which are based on the latest web design. “Kill the middleman” is the JAGO AG founder’s motto. “The customers of eBay, Amazon and co. have realised over the years that our products and customer service are first class. In the meantime, nearly three million positive customer reviews have proven that. Now is the time to convert the reputation we’ve gained in such a way that we as a company can profit from it directly. In other words: fewer fees for the intermediaries in favour of the absorption of higher profit margins through direct sales on jago24,” explains Jakovac.

JAGO AG invests in the future

In order to better serve customers and acheive higher turnover, it’s not only web design and own international shops which will be invested in. JAGO AG is also investing in manpower and the modernisation of warehouse logistics. Goran Jakovac knows, “valuable content and correct customer care require employees who not only speak the respective national language but understand it, too. Customers in the UK, France and the Netherlands, but also in the shops launching in the near future – Poland, Spain or Italy – receive the best care through native speakers with experience in service.”

Logistics will also be developed. Up until now, orders made before 3pm on weekdays were guaranteed to be dispatched on the same day, but now they’ll be even quicker. New warehouse-management software, better structures and optimised process routes help to reduce the dispatch time for ordered items even further. “A quick delivery time is the Alpha and Omega for customer satisfaction. Our customers don’t order online for no reason. They know that their products will be delivered straight to their home and negative shopping stress slips away,” summarises Goran Jakovac. “The fact that all of our products meet excellent standards, boast a fantastic price, and the customer can long take pleasure in them, goes without saying at JAGO AG.”