A e-commerce company can only be successful when it focuses on customer satisfaction, and that is why at JAGO AG we believe ´the customer is king´.

JAGO AG receives Google certification

In order to achieve our ambitious customer service goals,  JAGO AG has invested heavily in staff. Over the past few years, our customer service department has recruited many new colleages and given them special training so that they can provide our customers with top quality service . This exceptional service has earned the company recognition as a Google Certified Shop, a widely-respected mark of e-commerce excellence. Certified Shops boast reliable dispatch and excellent customer service, and in addition all Certified Shops customers are offered cost-free purchase protection by Google.

Customer satisfaction at nearly 100%

Under CEO Goran Jakovac, JAGO AG enjoys an incredible rate of customer satisfaction. More than 2.4 million positive customer reviews have been left by satisifed JAGO customers across our various sales channels, and on eBay JAGO currently enjoys a 99.5% positive rating. Ratings across other JAGO sales channels are similarly high and, whilst a 100% approval rating is practically impossible, that will not stop us from trying!

High satisfaction = high turnover

As well as being recognised by Google, jago24.de has been awarded the ´Trusted Shops´ seal with a rating of ´Excellent´. JAGO AG enjoys a high rating of 4.74/5 (as of time of writing), displaying our commitment to high quality customer service. In the words of CEO and founder Goran Jakovac, “First-class service and outstanding products at great prices do not only improve turnover; they also improve customer satisfaction”.