Following up on the launch of in April, JAGO AG is pleased to announce the May launch of our shop for the British Isles!

“Although we are based in Germany, the British markets are an essential part of our business. Last year our turnover from the UK was almost 14 million Euro, and we want to see that grow even further in 2015,” explains CEO Goran Jakovac “The outlook for looks good, and the British online market is the fastest-growing in Europe. Every year brings record turnover totals, with an increase in 2014 of 15.8% adding £44.97 million to the market. For 2015, growth is expected to hit the 16.2% mark.”

Optimised for the booming mobile market

The British public have embraced internet technology, and the UK has one of the largest e-commerce markets in Europe, with 13.5% of all sales in Britain being made online. This is why  we are investing in our UK shop in order to offer the same new features and enhanced design as our recently-launched French shop. An intelligent search function will allow users to find the products they want, whilst clear bulletpoints and high-quality images provide more information than ever before. Another new feature is the customer review system, which allows both new and returning customers to read and review products, allowing JAGO AG to constantly improve and refine both service standards and product catalogue.”

Along with the new features, the entire design and layout of the sites have been overhauled in order to offer a responsive design which reacts to the browser and device being used by the visitor, meaning that our shop is easy and comfortable to navigate for all of our customers. The implementation of new Magento software, combined with an increase in server capacity, means that our new customers across the Channel are offered the best in user experience, all thanks to the efforts of our first-class IT team. JAGO AG offers same-day dispatch on all orders placed before 15:00 CET, even for British customers. This close co-operation between the sales staff and logistical team means that customers receive their items within 1-5 working days of placing their order, which helps us to develop a happy and satisifed customer base. Our ‘Trusted Shops’ seal of approval is evidence of our excellent customer service and satisfaction.

International by nature

JAGO AG is especially well-equipped to understand the needs and demands of its British and international markets thanks to its highly diverse workforce, including several British natives.

“We deliver to practically every European country and are present on all major sales channels, and so we have an incredibly international team. The combined experience of our teams offers us insightful and accurate analysis of the European markets, which helps us to realise our ongoing expansion.” explains Goran Jakovac. “We aim to develop our share of the rapidly-expanding UK online market, which is why we have updated our websites, structure, and services, and just like our other shops, subscribing to the newsletter earns new British customers a £5 discount voucher.”

Goran Jakovac believes that his company is on the right path towards successful British expansion. “We know that Britannia rules the waves, but we hope to rule the e-commerce field in Britain. We have some way to go to get there, but just as we grew from an annual turnover of 200,000 EUR to almost 100 million, so we will grow our presence in the UK.”