The digital technology market is booming, with everything from smartphones to tablets and laptops, and demand for accessories and gadgets is growing too. Led by company founder Goran Jakovac, JAGO AG is entering the gadget market with the launch of the new i-match brand. Offering everything from charger cables and high-capacity batteries to smartphone cases and bluetooth speakers, the i-match brand has everything you need to get the most out of your smartphone or laptop.

Good prospects for JAGO’s newest brand

For CEO Goran Jakovac, the development of the i-match brand makes total sense. “The smartphone and computer accessory market is a kind of ‘gold-rush’ right now. Nearly 46 million Germans own a smartphone, with more than 60 million in circulation, and this growth isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. We see plenty of opportunity in this market, and so have decided it is time to enter the competition, bringing with us the classic JAGO values of reliablity, versatility, and style.” Following the successful launch of similar JAGO brands, such as MIADOMODO in 2013, which is now ranked highly on many e-commerce channels, the chances for i-match look promising.

Everything for smartphones and tablets

As a demonstration of the potential of the smartphone accessory market, Goran Jakovac looks no further than his own smartphone. “Take a look; I protect my phone with a smartphone case. It has a quality battery offering plenty of operating time, and I carry a phone charger and back-up battery to ensure I stay connected. The charger cable also functions as a data transfer USB, letting me save photos and files to my computer or download important information and my favourite music to my phone. As an added extra, protective film on the touchscreen prevents it from getting scratched or damaged, since nowadays the smartphone or tablet is a vital piece of everyday equipment.”

This is the ideal time to launch a smartphone accessory brand, with the demand for people to get online constantly growing.

Enormous potential

A company like JAGO AG needs to analyse the markets and develop a suitable strategy. Founder Goran Jakovac already has the numbers to hand, following analysis which revealed that the ‘mobile’ and ‘computer’ markets are amongst the 10 strongest product categories for online shopping. From 2013 to 2014, the turnover for computers and computer-related products rose to over a billion Euros, whilst the smartphone and phone accessories industry rose to more than 600 million.

The i-match brand has already been registered at the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market, located in Alicate, Spain. “i-match rounds out the JAGO AG catalogue. The i-match brand gives us access to lucrative new markets and contributes to the ongoing success of our company. Our customer base can now enjoy even more clever and versatile products at great value.