Bienvenue! JAGO AG launches French shop

Following months of hard work, the French-language shop is online! After Germany and the United Kingdom, France is the largest online market in Europe, a fact confirmed by JAGO AG’s turnover records. In 2013, the largest share of our non-domestic turnover came from the French market, and in 2014 our turnover in France grew by more than 25%.

“Here in Baden-Württemberg, we are only a stone’s throw from France. It is only logical that we would choose France as the first country to receive a dedicated jago24 website.” explains Goran Jakovac, founder and CEO of JAGO AG. “We are already active across sales channels in France, such as,, rueducommerce and CD Discount, so we are pretty familiar with the French market.”

New and improved functionality on

The new site, launched on the 1st of April, utilises the Magento EE shop system. As well as improving the stability and speed of the website, this system also includes the ‘Recommendation Epoq’ tool, which presents customers with products related to their shopping activity.

“The site uses an intelligent search function to predict our customers’ shopping habits,” explains CEO Goran Jakovac.“The new site also has an inbuilt customer review and ratings tool, meaning that our customers can leave feedback on their purchases and can make informed, intelligent decisions based upon third-party reviews.”

User-friendly and customer-oriented

First impressions count, which is why and all of our new European JAGO AG websites are being built to a stylish new design. Detailed product images, high readability, and a fresh layout in classic JAGO-green make the site a more pleasant browing experience for our customers.

“The keyword is Responsive Design,” clarifies Goran Jakovac. “When a website looks and feels professional, our customers feel more at ease and are more likely to make a purchase.”

To reinforce this, additional incentives such as free delivery and same-day dispatch on orders placed before 3pm help to encourage sales conversions, whilst our Trusted-Shops certification assures customers of reliable service.

JAGO AG – truly international

The new French shop is just the beginning. Right now we have teams working on UK and Dutch shops, to be launched in upcoming months.

“We are active across 29 different European countries,” explains CEO Goran Jakovac, “and we employ native speakers for each of these countries. As well as offering our customers native-language customer support, our experienced international staff help us to better understand their home markets, giving us a solid competitive edge.”