• Aquamarin®

    Aquamarin is our own brand for everything to do with sanitation and plumbing. In the Aquamarin range you will find everything you need to equip your kitchen, bathroom, or spa with a perfect blend of style and function.

  • Broil-master®

    Broil-master is designed for the barbecue lover in all of us. From efficient gas grills to tasty traditional BBQ smokers, you will find everything you need for your next summer barbecue in the Broil-master range.

  • Infantastic®

    The Infantastic brand contains our range of baby and child products. From cots and beds to colourful toys and pushchairs, Infantastic products are designed to make your child's early years comfortable and enjoyable.

  • JAGO

    Products bearing the Jago label are designed for use in the home and office, and the Jago range includes everything from kettles and fryers to desk lamps and beanbag chairs.

  • Leopet®

    The Jago AG story began with Leopet, and to this day Leopet is one of our most valued marks. As well as our classic cat trees and scratching posts, Leopet offers dog beds, bird cages, and plenty of other pet accessories and products.

  • Lightfox®

    For professional results in the photography studio, choose Lightfox. Lightfox offers a range of photography equipment such as lighting systems and background systems, and is one of our fastest-growing brands.

  • Miadomodo®

    Miadomodo is our furniture brand, and stands for both form and function. Everything for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, including stylish and high quality furniture, so that you can make your home feel like home.

  • Physionics®

    Physionics is one of our oldest brands, and offers everything to do with fitness, sport, and exercise. Get healthy and in shape with professional, high-quality workout and fitness equipment.

  • Timbertech®

    Timbertech was created to provide mechanics, DIY workers, and gardeners with professional, reliable tools. Offering reliable precision and durability, Timbertech products are a great choice for any home improvement project.

  • Vojagor®

    Vojagor represents our sleek and stylish range of luggage and suitcases. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the Vojagor line of luggage offers everything you need to journey in comfort and style.

  • i-match®

    The i-match range of smartphone accessories has everything from batteries and chargers to headphones and bluetooth speakers – whatever you need to keep connected!