Our Team

Co-workers are the most important part of any business. The Human Resources department at JAGO AG is dedicated to recognising the value of each individual and helping them to become part of a well-oiled, effective team.

The Design department handles all of our graphics and images, in order to make sure that our products are accurately and attractively displayed and that our online presence is convincing and user-friendly.


Our IT department is vital to us as an e-commerce concern. Our vendor platform, customer records, and order details are all stored and communicated safely thanks to the efforts of our expert IT staff.

Our logistical network, based around strategically placed warehouses and depots in the heart of Germany, allows us to manage and ship thousands of products and parts as and when needed, to customers across Europe. and managed to ship it when needed as soon as possible to our customers.

Before any major project is launched, rigorous research, analysis, and evaluation must be undertaken, and that is the primary role of the Orga-Team.

The Sales Department is divided into two central branches. Our distribution staff are responsible for the development of pan-European sales portals, whilst our diverse customer service teams take care of our clients.

Based in Berlin, the Europe Online Marketing Team employ all the traditional online marketing strategies and fulfil a similar role to the DACH Team. The successful launch of the French jago24 Online Shop has already taken place, and the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are both soon to follow.

SEO and SEA are the key tools used by our Germany-Austria-Switzerland Online Marketing Team. Use of these tools helps JAGO to establish itself further and offer a tailored, relevant user experience, improving sales and brand recognition.

All of our online texts, everything from product descriptions to press releases, are created by the Online Editorial Department. Our Technical Editors provide accurate, detailed, and clear user manuals, assembly instructions, and more to ensure that users can get the most out of our products.

At JAGO, the customer is king, which is why we have a team of over 100 customer service staff, stationed across five customer service centres. This team is highly multilingual, meaning that we can speak to a great majority of customers in their native language, resulting in clearer communication and higher customer satisfaction.

The Web Content Team work to ensure that products are available as soon as they are listed, providing accurate and up-to-date content which properly represents the company and keeps the customer fully informed at all times.

JAGO AG employs more than 500 people, which means there is a lot of accounting and financial work to be done. Payroll management and financial reporting are just some of the many responsibilites of our well-qualified Accounting Team.