Our milestones

Jago AG is dedicated to steady, continuous growth, and we are aiming to expand our operations across Europe and even further abroad. Starting from well-laid foundations, we are continuously improving upon our product range and growing our business.

  1. 2005 – Leopet GmbH & Co. KG founded

    Leopet GmbH & Co. KG began as an e-commerce vendor selling own-brand pet products. The Leopet core competencies were the design and production of cat trees and scratching posts, sold to the general public via eBay.

    • Turnover: EUR 200,000
    • Employees (G): 1
    • Logistics facilities: 150m²
    • Office facilities: 10m²
  2. 2006 – Physionics brand launched

    With the introduction of the Physionics brand, in 2006, we added fitness and exercise products to the Jago catalogue.

    • Turnover: EUR 4,000,000
    • Logistical facilities: 400m²
    • Office facilities: 80m²
  3. 2007 – TIMBERTECH range launched

    2007 marked the release of our TIMBERTECH range of power tools and DIY products.

    • Turnover: EUR 9,000,000
    • Logistical facilities: 2,000m²
    • Office facilities: 200m²
  4. 2008 – Entering the Amazon.de marketplace

    In 2008, Jago began to sell its products via the Amazon.de platform. Towards the end of the year, we also began to offer products to the Swiss market via the online platform Ricardo.ch, and launched the Jago24.de website, marking our first forays into the wider European market.

    • Turnover: EUR 11,000,000
    • Logistical facilities: 10,000m²
    • Office facilities: 500m²
  5. 2009 – INFANTASTIC launched

    With the launch of INFANTASTIC in 2009, our range expanded to include baby and child products.

    • Turnover: EUR 15,000,000
    • Logistical facilities: 10,000m²
    • Office facilities: 500m²
  6. 2010 – A new headquarters, and even more new brands

    In the wake of exponential growth, Jago relocated to its current Stuttgart headquarters in 2010. In this year we also launched the broil-master range of grills, the AQUAMARIN sanitation and plumbing brand, and our JAGO line of domestic appliances. It was in 2010 that Jago also began to sell products in France, via Amazon.fr and ebay.fr

    • Turnover: EUR 22,000,000
    • Logistical facilities: 20,000m²
    • Office facilities: 2.000 m²
  7. 2011 – VOJAGOR and LIGHTFOX launched

    2011 saw the introduction of the VOJAGOR range of luggage and the LIGHTFOX selection of photography equipment. In the autumn of 2010, Jago also began to offer products in the United Kingdom and Spain via eBay.co.uk and ebay.es

    • Turnover: EUR 33,000,000
    • Logistical facilities: 50,000m²
    • Office facilities: 2,500m²
  8. 2012 – Rebranding and expansion

    Jago rebranded in 2012 to become JAGO AG, and founded the Ningbo JAGO Trading Co. We also opened a new office and warehouse facility in Gittelde, and took in our first apprentice on the 1st of May, an apprenticeship that is still ongoing and will be completed by the 31st of July 2015.

    In 2012 we also began to sell via Amazon UK, Amazon IT and Allegro PL and celebrated our one millionth customer, and the jago24.de shop was overhauled to its current design.

    • Turnover: 57,000,000
    • Employees (Germany): 155
    • Employees (China): 13
    • Logistical facilities: 70,000m²
    • Office facilities: 5,000m²
  9. 2013 – Setting up in Casablanca and Eschwege, launching MIADOMODO

    2013 saw Jago AG open an office in Casablanca, Morocco, and a logistical depot in Eschwege, Germany, as well as launching the MIADOMODO line of home and office furniture. Jago AG also took on a second apprentice, and it was in 2013 that EU sales outside of Germany surpassed 50% of our total turnover, with the introduction of Jago AG products to the Amazon ES marketplace.

    • Turnover: 71 Mio. €
    • Employees (Germany): 212
    • Mitarbeiter (China): 50
    • Logistical facilities: 100,000m²
    • Office facilities: 7,000m²
  10. 2014 – Spreading to Berlin, Shanghai, and Novi Sad

    In 2014, Jago AG opened a new office in Berlin, the capital of Germany, to house the staff needed to facilitate our rapid expansion across Europe. We also opened offices in Shanghai and the Serbian city of Novi Sad, allowing us to further improve our logistical and customer support networks.

    On the first of October Jago AG accepted two working students, who are combining their theoretical studies at school with practical engagement at the Jago offices.

    • Turnover: EUR 93,000,000
    • Employees (worldwide): 450
    • Logistical facilities: 110,000m²
    • Office facilities: 11,000m²
  11. 2015 – Turnover of 106 millions Euro for JAGO

    2015 marks a milestone for JAGO as the company achieved its first 9- digit turnover between July 1st 2014 and June 30th 2015. According to Jago CEO, Goran Jakovac a turnover of 106 million euro was recorded. A sales turnover of 120 million euros is projected by the end of the fiscal year 2015. Simultaneously JAGO is concentrating on internationalization and expansion into new markets.

    Since early spring the first international shops of jago24 are online in France and the United Kingdom – both based on the online shop system Magento. With the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Italy there are four more shops on the starting blocks.

    Furthermore, starting this year, Jago also offers dual vocational training in the fields of IT and Office Management.
    This combination of practical on-the-job training at JAGO  and theoretical education at a vocational school is the perfect starting point for a successful career.