The JAGO company short is online

Perhaps you have already been to our homepage and seen it; the first JAGO short!  If you haven’t seen it already, it is definitely worth a look. Since you as a customer have chosen to shop with us, we feel as though we should introduce ourselves to you properly and let you know just what it is we do. To do this, we commissioned this short to help you get to know us a little better – we don’t want to be just another anonymous online vendor. Meet JAGO, a team of 500 people across three continents dedicated to providing you with outstanding products and quality customer service.

World-class customer service

Made in conjuction with Panda Pictures of Munich, who have also produced shorts for companies such as BMW, this short was designed to explain our customer service values and strategy. Goran Jakovac, founder and CEO of JAGO, explains: “JAGO has its roots in Germany, but over the years we have developed into an internationally active organisation. Our international nature is reflected in the diverse composition of our team. We currently deliver to 29 countries, and we have staff fluent in the national languages of every single one of those countries, meaning that all of our customers receive clear, helpful, and understandable customer service.”

2.4 million positive customer reviews

To better communicate with our customers we have produced the JAGO short not only in German, but also in English and French. Our goal is to react quickly to customers in a human and relatable manner in order to leave them satisfied with our customer service, and it is this successful approach which has earned us the trust of our customers. This trust can be seen in the 2.4 million positive reviews left by our customers, as well as our excellent rating with Trusted Shops and our status as a Google Certified Shop. Take a look and find out for yourself how it is that our centres in Stuttgart and Gittelde can offer such outstanding customer service.