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    Jago AG is one of the largest European e-commerce concerns
  • Brand diversity
    Jago AG has a diverse catalogue of products and brand lines
  • E-commerce expertise
    Jago AG is active across all major e-commerce sales channels
  • Climb our career ladder!
    Jago AG offers attractive and interesting positions across a wide range of sectors.
  • Quality customer service
    Customers are vital to our business, and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer care.

JAGO AG - Successful together!

In less than ten years, JAGO AG has grown from a one-man-company with a turnover of EUR 200,000 to an international firm with hundreds of employees and a turnover of EUR 93,000,000. The numbers are definitely impressive, but they do not tell the whole story. Take a look behind the curtains at the Stuttgart-based company founded by CEO Goran Jakovac and discover the exciting opportunites JAGO offers its employees.